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The Storehouse Chai

1 Oct


The Storehouse is a most welcome addition to Mt Evelyn, where local men with red beards become hipsters. Beautiful wet chai.

The Storehouse,
7A York Road, Mt Evelyn

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Emerald Chai

15 Jun


Country Chai so good I want to have a second.

The General Food Store
377 Belgrave Gembrook Road, Emerald

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Stovetop Chai

7 Jun


100 Leicester Street, Carlton

Stovetop on Urbanspoon

Cog Cafe Chai

26 Jan


Cog Bike Cafe
42 Station Road, Warburton

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Amanda’s Chai

4 Jan


A gorgeous cafe with tarot cards and a full bookcase to read. The chai is sweet and hot.
And even though this is a chai blog, the dandy latte is sensational too.

Amanda’s Cafe
2460 Warburton Highway
Yarra Junction

Amanda's Cafe on Urbanspoon

Penny University Chai

28 Dec


Gorgeous Chai. Doing Melbourne cafe style better than Melbourne.


Penny University
15 Kennedy Street
Kingston, Canberra

Red Bean Chai

30 Nov


Red Bean Cafe
Plenty Road, Preston


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