Acustico Chai

6 Jan

Sometimes new cafes close to home seem to take forever to open. But the Acustico Cafe on Union Street in Brunswick just appeared to pop up over night at the end of 2011. I am always so full of hope that such a cafe will have a decent Chai; usually a long shot as the more space efficient usually focus on the other big C – coffee.  Acustico came up with the goods.

We casually wandered in to have a Chai in the fledgling days of January.  The space felt welcoming and breezy and we were greeted with such friendliness. Taking a load off on some old coffee sacks we lent against comforting walls of recycled sleepers and crates. Chilled New Zealand reggae filled our happy ears, followed by some funky Latin beats.

The Chai latte was sensational, perhaps the tastes were heightened by a week of detox but it was Kama Sutra Chai none the less. The owner Diego commented on his distaste of Chai’s using syrup – amen to that.

Unfortunately we couldn’t partake of the tempting Portuguese tarts or Belgian chocolate brownies. Next time.

The business cards with a stamp on the back of a cut up cereal box made me put my head to the side and say ‘now that is clever’. There are raised vegetable and herb gardens out front, coffee grounds are used by locals for compost and the bike rack has even been yarn bombed by Poppy Tonka. It’s very Brunswick.

There is just something special about this place, maybe it’s the Feng Shui.


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One Response to “Acustico Chai”

  1. Poppy Tonka March 18, 2012 at 10:51 am #

    Thank you for the mention :)

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